Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Welcome Garden

Click on the above links for Perennials & Bulbs, Shrubs, Trees or Vines & Climbers for detailed information on each plant in the Welcome Garden.

Two garden beds frame the front entrance to the Dane County UW Extension office building on the left and right to welcome visitors.  A two story glass wall surrounds the front interior staircase of the building allowing a bird’s eye view and creating a striking backdrop for the garden. Given the high visibility of the Welcome Garden, plant selection is focused on cultivars that look attractive throughout the growing season.  There are approximately 100 different cultivars in the garden, including 20 specimen trees and shrubs.  In 2017, a welcome sign is planned for installation in the garden.  The sign will include a map of the Teaching Garden and information on the scannable QR coded plant labels throughout the garden.

Karen Allenstein is the Team Leader for the Welcome Garden.  Team members include:

Lynne Bendt 2nd Year
Mary Detra 1st Year
Mary Pinkerton 2nd Year